Monthly Archives: June 2011

a long time coming

officers are now on trial for the shooting at the danzinger bridge during katrina.
here’s some background on the shooting from democracy now and from propublica


all this talk about yemen

but we never hear about stuff like this.

it just never stops


“A series of lawsuits filed in Louisiana claims that two of the world’s largest banana producers, Dole and Chiquita, allowed the powerful fumigant known as DBCP developed by Shell’s American subsidiary and chemical company Dow to be used across plantations for more than two decades despite knowing, the claimants allege, that it potentially caused devastating side-effects in humans.”

this so completely and utterly serves us right

so. it seems that, since georgia passed its draconian new immigration law, we dont have enough farm laborers to pick our food.
it’s almost worth it to pay higher prices for food just to see so many jerks have to suck on it.

things we can and can’t do – scotus edition

things we can’t do — examine whether women are systematically underpaid by walmart.
things we can do — protect a company’s “right” to sell video games wherein you rape women for bonus points.

nobody knows

no one knows how to pick the molten cores up off the floor of the earthquake-damaged fukashima nuclear power plant in japan.
worst case scenario — large chunks of japan could become a nuclear desert.

this can’t be good

china is stockpiling rare earth metals, which we need for all the trendy gadgets that we rely on today. it’s driving the price up … and i have to wonder why china thinks its necessary to do so.

lots of downers today

so look at a picture of the holy island in scotland


“oceans on brink of catastrophe”

the situation for the world’s oceans is “directly comparable to the five great mass extinctions in the geological record.”
and we’re doing it to ourselves. nice.

you’ll think it’s getting better, but it’s really getting worse

those words were said to me a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, before bill clinton defeated poppy bush to take the presidency.
strange to watch history repeat itself.