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confirmation of what i knew

when you’ve been done wrong and you feel like your heart is breaking … well, it turns out you *are* in actual, physical pain. it seems that heartbreak causes the parts of your brain that feel pain to light up.
so … i’m going to be even *more* proud of myself for surviving the last six months…


goodbye gulf

move it along, nothing to see here

one of dozens of dead dolphins that have washed up on gulf beaches

i grew up vacationing on the gulf of mexico. as befits a child of working-class southerners living in mississippi in the 70s, i went to either panama city (the redneck riviera) or biloxi (pronounced buh-LUX-ee, for those who don’t know) every year from the time i was 2 until i was 12 years old.
it was mostly a sleepy place back then. even the “partiers” were just college kids or local “good old boys.” between the casinos and hurricane katrina, the gulf i knew is gone.
and while i always preferred atlantic beaches (insufficient wave activity for my taste in the gulf), it still saddens me to see what has happened in the wake of the oil spill, now nearly a year ago. seems hard to believe doesn’t it? my how things go down the memory hole…
and i know that, in the weeks after the leaking wellhead was sealed, we saw in the media a whole slew of packages asking “where did the oil go?”
well, apparently they weren’t looking very hard, because it is quite obviously still out there. making people VERY sick too, and even killing some of them. you’d think this would be *very* big news…
but it’s not, no more than dolphin deaths are big news, and they are happening too. in spades.

but the only thing anyone seems to care about is keeping this season’s tourist revenues up. oh, and getting back to business. so BP is asking to drill again (while ending the cleanup on the beaches and denying claims against them) and transocean is handing out “safety bonuses.”
memory hole, indeed. never thought we’d let something like the gulf of mexico go down it, but clearly this world is still capable of shocking me.
so goodbye gulf. i hope you get well one day, whether *we* are here or not.


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