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“the poor don’t have the power to say no”

banksy 'eat the rich'

some sociologists want to study the elite. apparently, it’s not so easy to study them in their natural habitats.


good news

well well well — take a look at this. turns out, astronomers aren’t *entirely* sure the mayan calendar ends on december 21, 2012 after all.
i’m so not surprised. maybe i’m still burned from the whole y2k thing. plus, i grew up believing the rapture was going to happen any second. you can only be told the world is about to end so many times before you stop believing.
i dunno – i think i agree with nietzche — if the world *could* end, it would’ve done so by now.

illuminations never come from the crowned

another track from gogol bordello – more on the political side

keeping the ballot pure

the group that’s helping mike kirk make sure there’s no voter fraud in chicago’s black neighborhoods holds seminars around the country.
meet the republican national lawyers association.

how many branches on a family tree?

white woman moves into historically black neighborhood a few months ago. she starts flying the confederate battle flag. says she’s just honoring her heritage and she had ancestors in the civil war and she’s not trying to “slam” anybody.
point of order — “you’re heritage” doesn’t mean its “okay” or “alright” or morally excusable, nor is it a justifiable reason to cause so much offense to so many people.
in fact, it’s profoundly selfish to ignore the feelings of so many other people around you to honor one little branch of your family tree who lived 150 years ago.

gogol bordello

gypsy punk tune played 10/13

foreclosure fraud link-o-rama

behold the links from which i gathered the information on the 10/13 show–

to understand what it all means, what else but foreclosure for dummies? not the trademark, of course. part one. part two. part three. part four. part five.

and it comes with helpful graphics.

here’s the article about the robosigners.

and this article from propublica is a link-o-rama in itself.

and of course, the family who took matters into their own hands.

fiyah! (w. shouts to dj t’bone)

what could possibly go wrong?

a descendent of the hapsburgs is taking austria to court cos he’s not allowed to run for president. he seems to think it is a human rights violation.
oh yeah? well, so was a goodly chunk of european history.
no dood, you can not hold office. and here’s a smack for askin’.

come and get your brain food

asia times has a great article on the united states’ shrinking influence against china. it’s a long read, but it touches on everything from different approaches to economic recovery to the sinking of the cheonan to energy deals with russia, iran and india. very nice.

and i’m so glad the village voice finally had the guts to just go on ahead and put it in print. i must say, i was raised by and among exactly this type of white person. and i can say without question that i agree.
it’s a subject i’ve put a huge amount of consideration into — the legacy of being a white woman from mississippi.
but maybe that section of my brain is just bigger. researchers think they’ve located the part of the brain that generates deep thoughts. more funky brain research here.
sometimes feeding the brain also entails paying attention to what you feed your body. who invents this stuff?