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different kinds of sad

saxby aide likely posted a hate-message on a pro-gay blog.

the man who took the pictures at the lorraine motel when dr. king was assassinated was an fbi informant


down the memory hole

well, looky here. seems W didn’t go to church his own self.

media matters has updates and some rather specific spankings for various villagers.

when killing becomes fun

a long time ago, i watched a history channel program about battlefield archeology. at one point, the show went off on a sidebar about how they found weapons that were literally loaded with extra rounds, all the way up the chamber. the scientists and researchers said they took it as evidence of a human desire to avoid taking human life. they believed the soldiers were pretending to fire and reloading as tho they had.

so fast forward to 1,001 shows and articles (and conspiracies theories) about the work the pentagon has done to *overcome* this human urge to *not* kill.

add in videogames where the kill is a victory … and teevee shows too … and where to we end up as a society?
the washington post reports on five soldiers serving in afghanistan who have been charged with murder in the deaths of afghan civilians. one of those charged, however, is the whistleblower himself.
here’s more from propublica’s marian wang, with many more links included.

our news vs their news

take a look at all the news channels that come along with the premium cable pkg in england.
this is why we americans need to keep in mind that, just because *we* don’t know about something … it doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t.

sarah exposed

‘vanity fair’ has a great article on sarah palin. it’s a long read but well worth it — full of juicy tidbits that will confirm your worst suspicions.

energy efficiency

one of many things that impressed me about england was the capacity to conserve energy if you choose to. i am a fairly consumption-conscious person, but i learned just how *unaware* i really am … and how far i have to go toward really really am.
take a look:

say it ain’t so

well well well. three female executives from goldman sachs are suing for gender discrimination. why am i so completely and utterly not surprised?
what a read … the diva is used to the corporate world, but even *i* am shocked by some of the stuff these guys pulled. well, kinda shocked. then again, maybe not so much.
why can’t we bring back the fine tradition of tarring and feathering?

“dude, you have no Quran”

by now, most of you have probably heard of jacob isom, the 23-year-old amarillo native who snatched a fuel-soaked Quran from a park grill where a wingnut was about to set it on fire … and in the process created the best. meme. EVAH.
it’s the kind of thing that gives me hope for america, and even for the south … altho i recognize that you could argue that the texas panhandle isn’t exactly the south, per se. but i’m not the only one who saw young jacob and felt cause for optimism.
and now, some random genius has created an autotune rendition of the news report that started it all. completely brilliant!

oh my people

i was born and raised in the south, but it still manages to surprise me when southern white people pull this sort of thing.
i guarantee you that these men and women would swear up and down that “they’re not racist.” whatever. i’ve heard it a thousand times but i’m still not buying it.
not that i really think such folks are consciously lying — i suspect they’re capable of a level of self-delusion that most of us would find comical.
the south carolina GOP parties like it's 1859

so much for that

the diva is back from her trip across the ocean, and to say it didn’t go exactly as planned is an understatement, to say the least. amazing, how the universe can whomp you in the back of the head when you least expect it.
but these are personal matters, and the diva is nothing if not a survivor.
and it doesn’t change the fact that england has a pretty impressive setup going on, and we could learn soooo much from them. a friend said to me once that america was losing its empire … and we could do it like rome or we could do it like england. indeed.
i did manage to get a huge amount of video highlighting some of the elements that impressed me most. i should get to the editing and compiling soon. a picture says a thousand words, after all, and there’s nothing like seeing social common sense in action to leave you wondering why america can’t do it, too.